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What's brown and sticky? {{A stick.}}
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How do you call an aquarium for tanks?

Tank tank.

Stacy's mother had 4 children: The first child was April, the second child was May, the third child was June. What was the name of the fourth child?


It has 2 letters, then 4 letters. Often 5 letters, rarely 6 letters, sometimes 9 letters. Tuesdays 8 letters, occasionally 12 letters.

So, what are talking about? Hint: It has 2 letters.

The words "It", "then", "often", ...

Why do people carry umbrellas?

Because umbrellas can't walk.

What is harder to catch the faster you run?

Your breath.

Which side of a chicken has more feathers?

The outside.

What has 4 wheels and flies?

A garbage truck.

What stays in the corner and travels all over the world?

A stamp.

A word in this sentence is wrong. Which one?

"wrong", of course.

What fish can't swim?

Dead fish.

What month has 28 days?

Every month.

What is the difference between a jeweler and a jailor?

A jeweler sells watches, a jailor watches cells.

When does a dialect become a language?

When its speakers get an army and a navy.

What can't be used until it's broken?

An egg.

What has teeth but can't bite?

A Comb.

How many seconds are there in one year?

Twelve. January second, February second, March second...

What has a head and a tail, but no body?

A coin.

What part of your body dis­appears when you stand up?

Your lap.

How many cucumbers can you put into an empty cucumber glass?

One. Then it's not empty anymore.

How far can you go into the forest?

Halfway, after that you're going out of the forest.

What's big like an elephant but doesn't weigh anything?

An elephant's shadow.

What's a sorceress in a desert?

A sand witch.

Which room has no doors and no windows?

A mushroom.

What goes up when the rain comes down?


What's brown and sticky?

A stick.


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